15 Images That Will Make You Think Twice About Ever Going Swimming Again

17 August 2016   Trending

Before you decide to go swimming in a sea or a river with your friends and family, you might want to see this. Here are 15 dangerous things which, unless you’re careful, you might encounter in the water. Stay alert!

The race for survival

The road down into the abyss

This sting would hurt tremendously!

Remember that film, Anaconda?

I really hope I never see one of these in real life…

Those are not special effects. That’s real!

There’s such a thing as a water snake?!

This could be a life-threatening encounter

Pretty sure I nearly fainted.

That octopus is friendly…maybe a little bit too friendly…

I wasn’t expecting that!

And I hope I never see that…

That’s just algae. Still looks terrifying though!

The silence of the deep

The heaviest living thing on Earth is the blue whale. They sure are big…


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