15 Most Ridiculous Problems That People Living In First World Countries Face

24 March 2016   Funny

Here is a whine – “Ugh, I’m sick again.” And here is a first world problem, also known as a white whine – “Ugh, every time I go to Paris I get sick.” See the difference? Here are 15 examples of mishaps and disappointments that people living in first world countries face. First-World-Problem-1 First-World-Problem-2 First-World-Problem-3 First-World-Problem-4 First-World-Problem-5 First-World-Problem-6 First-World-Problem-8 First-World-Problem-7 First-World-Problem-9 First-World-Problem-10 First-World-Problem-11 First-World-Problem-12 First-World-Problem-13 First-World-Problem-14 First-World-Problem-15 Source: Viralscape If you enjoyed this, please share with others!

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