20 Incredibly Funny Answers From Kids’ Tests That Teachers Couldn’t Help But Share

25 April 2017   Funny

The kids’ test answers below are ‘correct’ in the traditional sense. Check out their hilarious answersbelow.

1. Teacher of the year.

2. Goals

3. They’re onto something here.

4. How would they know?

5. Well when you put it that way…

6. Classic.

7. This makes me sad.

8. Totally.

9. Didn’t turn out so well.

10. Oh Carson.

11. Couldn’t we all.

12. Wouldn’t we all.

13. Spelling is important.

14. Half credit?

15. Well then.

16. I say again, spelling is important.

17. This is actually pretty genius.

18. Well played.

19. I have to agree with this one.

20. Nailed it.


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