5-Month-Old Baby Has Cute Morning Routine, But When Dad Adds Music It Becomes Hilarious…

19 April 2017   Funny

Baby Kaden is only five months old, but he is already going viral thanks to his hilarious morning routine!

Kaden’s parents swaddle him at night to help him sleep. Each morning, they noticed he developed an adorable and quirky habit whenever they unwrapped him: throwing his hands in the air. Kaden’s dad, Kent, couldn’t get enough of Kaden’s adorable routine, so he started filming him every time he woke up!

The video below captures Kaden stretching against a background of music and movie quotes about putting one’s hands up in the air.

Kent posted the video to YouTube, saying Kaden “starts every day like a well-rested basketball player coming off the bench… PUT ME IN, COACH!”

Kaden’s dad clarified that he loves being swaddled and it helps him sleep.

“Kaden LOVES being swaddled. It provides him comfort and security when he sleeps. As many clinical professionals can attest, swaddling is very much a pediatrician-recommended method for soothing babies when they sleep. So long as the baby is not rolling over himself/herself, it’s completely safe. Kaden has a strong startle reflex (also known as the Moro Reflex) which causes him to jolt a lot at night and wake himself up. Since we started swaddling him, he sleeps much better and heloves it. Hope this helps clarify things!”

Just looks at how happy little Kaden is!

The sweet video has already touched so many people.


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