Courageous Girl Shares Her Journey From Anorexia To Bodybuilder

01 July 2016   Humanity

Below is the story of Sarah Ramadan, a young woman who, for many years, has struggled with an illness that almost ended her life. When Sarah was young, she struggled with her body image. Overtime, her struggle developed into a serious eating disorder, known as anorexia nervosa (commonly known as anorexia). By the time she was in her mid-teens, her illness had taken over her life to the point where she had to be admitted into the hospital.

Like many young people who suffer from eating disorders, Sarah went down the road of extreme weight loss. It got so bad that she eventually had to be hospitalized in order to get help. She became so weak that her body began to shut down and she needed help walking.

Side by Side!

After spending some time in the hospital, Sarah realized that she needed to do something to get better. With some help from her brother, who obviously spent a lot of time in the gym, she set a goal to overcome her anorexia by getting fit and eating right.

The Road To Recovery!

Sarah has come a long way since she began her journey. As you can see from this side-by-side picture, she’s looking much healthier. If you consider how difficult it is to beat an eating disorder, you will quickly realize just how wonderful this story is.

Feeling Better!

Sarah started her recovery by taking on a healthy diet and an exercise regime. Through hard work and a lot of effort in the gym, Sarah has managed to put on some serious muscle.

Happy In Her Skin!

Considering that anorexia nervosa is typically accompanied by anxiety and depression, it’s very difficult for someone to truly feel comfortable with their own recovery. However, you can tell from the smile on her face that Sarah is feeling much happier about who she is and the way she looks.

Talk About A Transformation!

Following a very specific diet and sticking to a tough routine in the gym, Sarah has truly transformed her body. Not afraid to show it all, she really has focused on developing everything to get in the best shape possible.

Pumping It Up!

How could you not be impressed with this transformation?

Living Life To Its Fullest!

Fully embracing the changes she’s worked so hard for, Sarah now enjoys spending some time in the sun.

Rocking Bod!

She should be really proud of the success she’s had in overcoming her battle with anorexia. It’s a disease that’s so difficult to overcome and brings down so many young people.

Making It Work!

After all she went through, and the tough road to recovery, it’s amazing that she can post images like this. It’s not difficult to see just how miraculous this young woman is.

Double Trouble!

Most certainly, she will always be at risk of a relapse, but her positive attitude and hard work have produced an amazingly beautiful young woman.

A True Inspiration!

With all the love and support she has from her friends, family, and her followers online, she has become a wonderful inspiration to all those around her.


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