Funny Photos Highlighting The Struggles Only Tall People Can Understand

05 February 2017   Funny

Most everything in the world has been created for people of average height. If you’re tall, it could cause a problem.  You find yourself squatting or bending down all the time.  But tall people always find a way to adjust to the “average” height of everything even though they may look ridiculous.

Here are some funny pictures of tall people caught in the act of trying to adjust!  

The simplest things can be a struggle.

They often have to squat…

…and usually always bend down.

Taking a shower is a challenge.

Flying is never easy.

Kitchens can be a hazard.

Slides, definitely not for tall people.

Your feet have never stay on a bed.

A “full-length” mirror…with no head view. 

Wedding photos may turn out funny.

But, tall people always find a creative solution.

Sometimes it’s a good thing to be tall!


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