Mom Hears Creepy Voice Man Say ‘Wake Up, Baby’ On Monitor

16 November 2016   Humanity

Hacking has become the bane of modern existence, it seems. Whether stealing identities from huge retailers, or obtaining top secret emails of political parties, hackers have impacted our lives permanently and irrevocably.

It’s safe to assume that nothing we use that has a computer chip is completely secure, but who would ever guess that someone would go after cracking into a baby monitor? Yet apparently, this scary situation has happened more often than you would ever suspect.

For one couple in Cincinnati, Ohio, they found out the hard way how terrifying it can be when someone cracks into the very thing you use to protect your young children. The bizarre situation unfolded when the mother was awakened, hearing an unknown man speak to her 10-month-old daughter over the monitor, saying “Wake up, baby.”

How could this have happened? And how can you make sure it doesn’t happen to you? The truth is, a little-known fact is that factory-set passwords are not safe to use. Inside the monitor’s camera, a glitch allowed the hacker – who granted would have to be fairly skilled at doing this – to watch and speak to the baby exactly as her parents could, and had been doing so, law enforcement later discerned, possibly since she was born.

The disturbed parents even notified the monitor’s manufacturer (we do not know what brand it was), and were told this had happened before to other families. What a hacker would be doing while watching a baby on a monitor is not something we even want to think about, or whether he could record and share what he saw, either.

You are always advised to set the locking security on anything that involves a computer, whether a routeror a baby monitor. Many women are not aware that the webcam that comes set up inside your laptop or tablet is also hackable, and in once famous case, a teenage beauty queen was recorded for months on camera in her own bedroom before the hacker was discovered.

The best solve for that one? Place opaque paper over your webcam “eye” whenever you are not personally using it, and be sure to close your laptop when not on it as well.


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