Mom Who Smacked Son For Joining Riots Loses Her Home To A Fire

29 June 2017   Humanity

After Michael Graham, then 16, became famous on a viral video for his mother, wearing bright yellow, smacking his head when she caught his mask-covered face at the Freddie Gray Baltimore riots of April 2015, you might think he’d never want to make the news again.

And you’d probably be right. But sadly, the young man, now 17, doesn’t seem to be on a good life track. Back in August of this year, he accidentally set the home that he shares with his infamous mother Toya and five siblings on fire while cooking, causing a grease fire.

Toya was even home at the time the fire started, but wasn’t present in the kitchen, and Michael panicked and did exactly the wrong thing in his efforts to put it out: he threw water on it. Fortunately, everyone made it out of the house in one piece, but the rental property was completely destroyed and Toya had none of her belongings within covered by insurance.

So she basically lost everything. Understandably, she felt like she was losing the fight, even though anyone who saw her take on her son who is several inches taller than she is in that viral Baltimore riot video might doubt that was possible.

“You try to be strong for your children,” said Toya right after the fire. “You try, but this is a lot.”
Apparently, Toya’s struggles have resonated with Americans, because as of Thanksgiving week 2016, a GoFundMe page set up back in August has raised a staggering $79,092 from 2,166 donors, and donations are still coming in every day. Her original goal was just to raise $5,000 so that she could get back on her feet.

While not everyone agreed with the mother’s actions at the time, the Baltimore police chief and many other parents lauded her for refusing to let her teenage son get caught up in such a potentially trouble-laden situation.


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