Officer Shares Story About Consoling A Little Girl After Her Family Was Ejected From The Vehicle

23 August 2016   News

Police officers are usually the first to arrive to horrific scenes, just like this deadly rollover accident thatoccurred in Colorado recently. They are given the task to comfort and protect our citizens, so when a stranger caught Officer Nick Struck consoling one of the smallest victims, the world took notice.

All six people (both parents and four children) in the vehicle were ejected and the father was pronounced dead on the scene. “As an officer you’re prepared [for situations like this], but when it’s kids… when kids are hurting or in pain that’s the worst. Knowing that the little girl isn’t going to have her dad definitely makes it hard,” Officer Struck said solemnly.

Despite the heartbreaking circumstances, Officer Struck picked up a two-year-old girl who was thrown from the vehicle and began singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to her – just as he does for his own daughter when she’s upset. Policemen like Officer Struck deserve recognition and praise. They really do aim to serve and protect!

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