She Tries To Steal His Cell Phone While He Is Sleeping And It Doesn’t End Well For Her

24 July 2016   Humanity

This is a prank that I don’t think I could ever get tired of watching – the cellphone taser prank!

In order to teach some would-be thieves a lesson for messing what doesn’t belong to them, this guy rigged a cellphone up to be a taser instead, while still keeping the look and feel of your average smartphone. Then he pretended to “pass out” in public settings, sometimes even walking away for a minute but leaving the fake phone behind. Either way, he makes sure it’s in plain view for anyone to see.

Not only does he manage to give these thieves a taste of justice, he gives them a chance to come clean before he does! It’s crazy how some people will lie right to your face about taking something from you, but I’m glad he’s making more of these!


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