They Decided To Adopt A Puppy For Their Blind Dog, And The Bond They Formed Will Touch Your Heart

25 May 2016   Pets

KC is a flat-coated retriever that was born with both eyes, but lost one at 2 years old. Her owners were told that her other eye had only a 5% chance of survival. This is when they decided to do something that would forever change KC’s life… and forever change their own.

They adopted a puppy named Shadow. But they didn’t expect them to become THIS close…

They knew KC and Shadow would have to get used to each other…

…But it didn’t take very long.

Not long at all.

They would share the cage and the couch…

…And hang out together by the hot tub.

Then KC lost her second eye.

But that didn’t matter to Shadow…

…And it didn’t stop KC from fetching, one of her favorite activities.

While Shadow got pretty busy being a show dog…

…It didn’t stop them from spending time together.

They did some more sleeping together…

…And just spent some time relaxing and hanging out.

The incredible bond these two shared is one for the ages.

Now Shadow is pregnant, and will have puppies that’ll grow up together and share that same bond.

This heartwarming friendship shows the personalities and feelings that dogs can have for one another. Many thanks to their owners for sharing such a great story.


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