Uses For Duct Tape That You Probably Did Not Know About…

18 June 2016   DIY

Duct-tape is a wonderful thing. It’s an essential to keep around the house because it can be used to fix an almost endless variety of household problems in a pinch, ranging from plugging a leak to instrument repairs and upholstery damage. But duct tape goes far beyond just holding stuff together. Check out this list of all the ways duct tape can be used to its full potential.

1. Want a cool wallet for minimal cost? Duct tape’s got your back.

2. How about breaking in some stiff new shoes? Use duct tape.

3. In an emergency, duct tape can make a quick stretcher.

4. Want to try out something new with your laces? That’s right, duct tape!

5. Patch up holes in your shoes.

6. How about a whole prom outfit from duct tape?

7. Got a busted tire? Fix it with – you guessed it – duct tape.

8. Use duct tape to pick up pet hair from furniture.

9. Duct tape also patches leaky shoes.

10. You can use it to make a quick sling-cast …

11. … Patch up your tent …

12. … Or even to open a difficult jar.

13. Finally, try covering a pesky wart with duct tape to get rid of it.


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