What Would You Do If You Heard the Things These Kids Say To Their Parents In Public?

16 November 2016   Humanity

John Quiñones, on ABC’s What Would You Do?, sets up scenarios using actors, while letting non-actors who are listening in pipe in and react. Sometimes the results are elucidating, as in one recent set up where pre-teens were “shopping” with their “parents” for high-priced athletic shoes, in the range of $150 or more.

In the setups, the “parents” balked when their kids wanted the most expensive shoes, and the young teens were disrespectful, and often even verbally abusive, to their parents.

How did that make passersby feel?

At the Snkeroom (sic), a Jersey City, New Jersey high-priced athletic gear store, shoppers were exposed to kids berating their parents, who were trying to convince them to look at lower-priced selections.

“Why are you being so dumb?” one boy, who appears to be about 14, tells his make-believe mother. “I’m telling you what I want.”

“Dad, this is why Mom divorced you, because you’re so frickin’ cheap!” a girl, maybe eleven-ish, tells her “dad,” finger-wagging him the entire time.

Shoppers eavesdropping nearby are clearly shocked in this largely middle-class enclave, where Italians, Hispanics, and African-Americans are all shopping in close proximity. Most, apparently, were raised by strong mothers who suffered no nonsense, as they later told Quiñones when the true scenario was revealed.

“This kid over here is about to get choked,” one shopper tells the store cashier to express his horror and frustration at how one boy is speaking to his mother. “Real disrespectful,” the man goes on to say, not knowing his words are going on camera. “If that was my mother . . . [she} would have put me outside,” he continues.

“I’m glad my son is the way he is,” he adds, shaking his head over what he has just seen. “I’m blessed.”

It’s clear that many people, even in this day and age, still want kids to be respectful of their elders and particularly, of their parents. Which is good news, isn’t it?


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