When Pastor Selflessly Saves One Man’s Life, He Benefits With Life-Saving Miracle As Well

25 June 2017   Humanity

Do you believe in miracles? Sometimes circumstances come together in such an unpredictably perfect way that there’s no other seeming explanation for how it all happened, except that it was divine intervention. The story of how Don Herbert, a gospel singer in need of a new kidney, met Pastor Tim Jones, the man who would ultimately donate that needed a kidney, is a remarkable one, to say the least.

It all started when Herbert and his wife Belinda went out combing the neighborhood for a good yard sale or two. As strains of gospel music hit them, they pulled into a church parking lot and were met by Pastor Jones, where Don and the clergyman discussed their mutual love of gospel.

Next thing you know, Herbert and his four-man gospel group had a date to sing at Jones’ church. And thus, a friendship began that would literally save both men’s lives.

Meanwhile, Belinda was fretting behind the scenes. She knew that Don’s kidneys were failing and that without a transplant, he might not be alive in another few years. Even though her own faith was less stalwart than Don’s, she felt that God wanted her to put out a call for a kidney donor on Facebook  and that she did.

But what happened next was nothing short of astonishing. Because the very first person to respond to Belinda’s plea was none other than, yes, Pastor Jones himself. He’d become Facebook friends with the couple but was unaware of Don’s life-threatening condition until he read Belinda’s cry for help on social media.

Mind you, the two men had known each other for all of two weeks. But Pastor Jones felt a calling to at least try to donate his kidney, even though for any given two people, there’s only a one in 20,000 chance of there being a perfect match.

After months of extensive testing at Duke Medical Center, miraculously, it turned out that Pastor Jones was, in fact, that perfect match that Don Herbert needed. Surgery was scheduled and went ahead as planned.

But here’s where the mystery really comes in, as if we needed any more in this incredible story, because while doing the surgery to remove Jones’ kidney, doctors discovered an unrelated aneurysm that, had it burst undetected, very easily could have killed the man.

So, it turned out that his incredibly selfless gesture was actually life-saving for him as well.
They say the Lord works in mysterious ways, and for Don Herbert and Pastor Tim Jones, that adage can certainly be said to be true.

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