Hilarious Notes Left By Angry Neighbors Who Have Reached Their Limits

24 March 2016   Humanity

Sometimes people are rude.  Whether by intention, or they are simply just that oblivious to their annoying behavior, someone has to set them straight.  Usually it’s NOT a calm observer or third party who takes the guilty party aside, but rather the angry neighbor who has reached their limit.  Here are some hilarious notes left in hopes of alleviating the disturbances. 1. hotel deals   2.hotel deals   3.hotel deals   4.hotel deals   5.hotel deals   6.hotel deals   7.hotel deals   8.hotel deals   9.hotel deals   10.hotel deals   11.hotel deals   12.hotel deals   13.hotel deals   14.hotel deals   15.hotel deals   16.hotel deals   17.hotel deals   18.hotel deals   19.hotel deals   20.hotel dealsSource:  Pulptastic Which one was your favorite?  Start a conversation by pressing the “Share” button now!

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