Terrible Yet Funny Reasons These People Broke Up With Their Significant Others

24 March 2016   Humanity

Sure, people have annoying habits – we all do, right?  But to use those tiny flaws in the big picture as a reason to break up with someone?  Might be a bit shallow if you ask us. You decide!   funny-breakups-0 funny-breakups-1 funny-breakups-2 funny-breakups-3 funny-breakups-4 funny-breakups-5 funny-breakups-6 funny-breakups-7 funny-breakups-8 funny-breakups-9 funny-breakups-11 funny-breakups-12 funny-breakups-13 funny-breakups-14 funny-breakups-15 funny-breakups-16 funny-breakups-17 funny-breakups-18 funny-breakups-19 funny-breakups-20 funny-breakups-21 funny-breakups-22 leaad Source:  The Chive Which one do you agree with?  Disagree?  Sound off by pressing “Share” now!

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