Talented Hawaii-Based Artist Takes Glass Sculpting To A Whole New Level

24 March 2016   photography

Looking to redecorate your home or find some new treasure to accessorize with? The sculptures and jewelry in this massive Hawaiian catalog will have you mesmerized weeks after you first lay eyes on them. 1 What would you do if faced with a fearsome creature like this one?
I know I would proudly display it in my living room, because its craftsmanship is exquisite.
The art that Mimi creates, gathers and publishes in her Hawaiian gallery is like no other.
The glass sculptures she proudly displays at Kela's are a true testament to the beauty of the Pacific and all the secrets it holds.
Even though it is quite clear that all wares in Mimi's gallery are made of glass, that same fact is frequently dazzling to the inexperienced eye - would you be able to tell the above is made of such material?
Her creations frequently toe the line between real and imagined, plunging you into a whole other world of fantasy and wonder.
Mimi loves to show off her wondrous color-changing glass jewelry. This necklace is inspired by the colors of the ocean.
Different necklace? Think again. This is the exact same piece on a background of another color. Mimi's jewelry changes color based on its backdrop, leading to constant surprises.
But Mimi's specialty lies in the natural theme of her products, notably marine life. Based in Kauai, a Hawaiian island where natural beauty still has power over the daily conventions of civilization, Kela's Gallery happily offers mementos of the sea and nature that thrives around the island.
According to Mimi herself, the island of Kauai is famous for the "untouched beauty of the longest combined white sand beaches of all the Hawaiian islands." It is only fair that a witness to such treasures would wish to keep a little part of Kauai with them forever.
What's more, Mimi is happy to announce all her products are exclusively fabricated in Hawaii and North America. "It is not an easy thing to do because we are often approached by importers of irresistibly low cost foreign crafts," she explains.
Despite being based exclusively in Kauai, Mimi is also very active on her extensive website to deliver her hypnotizing products all over the country. "I work with young talented artists to help boost their professional career while we nurture long term relationships with some of the most prominent American artists," Mimi tells me with confidence. You can't put a price tag on that.
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