One Of Her Twins Was Born Dead… But When Mommy Held Him? UNBELIEVABLE!

24 March 2016   Humanity

“It’s a miracle!” I’m sure you’ve heard that line many times but when when is it ever truly a miracle? Well, the following emotional tale may very well be nothing short of a miracle. Kate and David Ogg had been struggling to have children for years and one day, the good news finally came that they would be having twins! But 6.5 months into the pregnancy, the twins were to be born prematurely. Kate gave birth to a boy and girl, but the doctor then revealed that their newborn son “didn’t make it.” Now watch what happens… Doctors had no explanation for what happened. What a beautiful story that gives us all hope! Please share this miraculous story with your family and friends. Share this with your friends and family by clicking the button below.

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