Home Chef Explains Easy Way To Make A Quick Delicious Breakfast Dish

24 March 2016   Food

This quick and simple recipe is great for when you want a nice meal without spending too much time. It only takes 3 minutes to cook! The idea is very simple: you mix egg, milk, and butter inside of a coffee cup. Then you add whatever ingredients you like! In the video the chef mixes in some spinach, tomatoes, and cheese...but feel free to get creative! Then top off the mixture with some torn bread and voilà! You're ready to cook! 3 minutes in the microwave is all that stands between you and delicious breakfast goodness! Here at Chillfy, we love all sorts of quick recipes! Do you have any other cool ideas like this? Let us know in the comments on our Facebok Page! If you have friends who love cooking, make sure to share this with them on Facebook so they can see it! Source; h/t Sfglobe If you enjoyed this perfect breakfast , don’t forget to “Share” it with others now!

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