A Couple Transformed This Old School Bus Into Something You'll Be SO Jealous Of

24 March 2016   Other

Do you happen to have an old school bus lying around? No? That's too bad. If you did, you could turn it into the most awesome mobile home ever. It would be perfect for driving around the country with all the comforts of home, including a kitchen and a shower. That's exactly what this couple did after buying an old 1993 Ford school bus. They turned it into their perfect getaway home. Life on the road never looked more comfortable. old-school-bus-transform (source On the Road: The REAL American Dream) The conversion of the diesel engine bus took them three months and a ton of love. The couple has lived in the bus now for four years, and traveled all across the Americas in it. For more information on this awesome mobile home and its owners, visit their Facebook page here I personally loved this post. Brings back memories but.. it's just simply unique! Loved this story? Make sure you “Share” it with your friends and family!

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